Your iMessage Is Probably Sending Out Of Order – Here’s The Fix

Most iPhone users are experiencing a bug where their iMessages are sending out of order. If you’re like me, you didn’t even notice. As it turns out, even if you don’t see messages out of order, the person you’re texting could be. I came across a post about this on Reddit and asked my girlfriend if she had heard about it. She mentioned that mine were all out of order, yet I hadn’t noticed anything strange.
As a test, I had her send the number that came after mine.

On the left is what was displayed on my iPhone. Look’s normal, right? On the right is what was displayed on her iPhone. Weird. I had absolutely no clue.

A quick google search confirmed that this is an incredibly common problem. Why hasn’t apple addressed this already?
They have.
A few days ago, Apple launched an update to iOS which fixed this issue but most users failed to receive the notification badge or message for it. You know, the little red “1” that appears by your settings icon when its time to update or the pop up notification on your home screen. Weird.

To update, you’ll have to manually go to Settings>General>Software Update and download and install from there. Even if you feel like you just updated, you should check anyway. This update was easy to miss. After installing the update, the iMessage bug is fixed.

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