The $1 Tempered Glass Screen Protector from Dollar Tree

We’ve all probably been overpaying for tempered glass screen protectors. While the average price in the market has dropped substantially in the past year, there isn’t a single Retailer that can beat $1. Which retailer? Dollar Tree.

The selection is pretty limited, it covers a few popular choices at most locations. My local location had the following:
iPhone 6, 6s, 6, and 5s
Samsung Galaxy S7 and S6

While you’re able to order them online, there’s a minimum of 24 items and a shipping fee. With Dollar Tree having 13,600 locations, you’re probably better off heading to your local store and picking up a few.


The Quality:
Each package contains the screen protector, an alcohol wipe, a dry cloth, and a card to smooth out bubbles.
It seems just a bit thinner than most other tempered glass protectors on the market, but I find it better this way when paired with a case that has low edges.
I’ve personally had mine on for about 4 months and have had no issues with corner cracks or adhesive. Should it become damaged tomorrow, ill gladly spend $1 on another one.

Here’s a photo of my current one to gauge the thickness:

Head to your local dollar store and grab one . You really can’t go wrong with the price.