Top 5 Tips to Improve or Maintain Your Rating and Tips with Uber/Lyft.

Driving with Uber and Lyft is a fun way to earn some extra income. It takes some time to get it right and low ratings and tip-less trips can be discouraging. Hopefully these few tips will help you nail those 5-stars and earn a little extra.

1. Pickups matter.

A pick up really sets the tone on how the ride will go. When possible, you should always try to approach your passenger from the side of the street they’re waiting on.
Approaching a passenger from the wrong direction could cause the passenger to cross the street to get to you even if you had planned to make a u-turn. It’s much harder to recover from a bad first impression and an apology than to start the trip off with a great pickup and a friendly greeting.

2. Know your area.

If you haven’t spent much time driving around your city, ensure you hit all of the hot spots and familiarize yourself with how to navigate tricky streets and locations.
Airports, Busy Bar/Club streets, Event Venues, Ect. Doing so will aid in smoother pickups and drop offs. If you’re confident while navigating your passenger will have and easier time relaxing and enjoying their ride.

3. To converse or not.

Gauging whether or not you should converse should converse is usually pretty straightforward. Guess incorrectly and you’ll drive your passenger crazy.
When a passenger has headphones in and doesn’t respond much to your friendly greeting, shut up and drive.
If a passenger responds to your greeting and asks about your day, you should try to engage with them as much as possible. If you’re able to safely do so, branch your conversation off of their small talk and the trip will be over before you know it with your passenger feeling energized!
Should the conversation die, no worries. Ask about their destination and see where it goes from there.

4. Music sets the mood.

Your throwback jams from the 90’s are great and all, but not at 6am. A business client probably didn’t plan on waking up to Spice Girls and NSYNC.
Get an aux cord that can comfortably reach to your back seat and offer it shortly after your greeting. If the passenger declines, play music depending on what part of the day you’re working.
If its early, throw on an indie acoustic or pop playlist and hit the road. If it’s the bar rush, play those throwbacks and sing along with your passengers.

5. Ending the ride.

Ending the ride is the last interaction you have with a passenger before they’re prompted with the Rating and Tip screen. How you end your ride is everything.
If your passenger has luggage, you should definitely be getting out of your vehicle and assisting with it. If not, as you pull up to your destination be sure to
thank them for riding with you and tell them that you enjoyed the conversation if you had any. Try to avoid asking them to rate you highly as it diminishes the integrity
of the rating system.

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