The Rise, Demise, and Reascendance of Runescape

Its been over 17 years since Runescape launched in 2001 and yet the community is still very much alive today.
Perhaps some players are just discovering this excellent adventure, but the majority are returning to the games classic version, “Old School Runescape” for nostalgia.

In 2007 the games developers started a series of drastic changes and updates that would go on to create Runescape 3 as we know it today. Many players were so dissatisfied and even angered by the updates that
they would be pushed to quitting and not returning, until 2013 that is. Since the launch of Old School Runescape many long time players have since returned to the games classic version. So many that at any given time there are many more players online on Old School Runescape than there is on Runescape 3.

With endless updates and the launch of “Old School Runescape Mobile” aimed for early this year, there’s no sign of Runescape going anywhere soon.

If you haven’t played or we’re frustrated with the direction of Runescape 3, Old School Runescape is definitely worth a shot.

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