Bushnell Pro Li Ion 1300L Rechargeable Flashlight Review

If you’re looking for a full-sized flashlight, you’ve probably scrolled across hundreds and can’t seem to choose one.
While there are many quality flashlights on the market, the Bushnell Pro Li-Ion 1300L is definitely worth a look.

Tested to ANSI FL1 Standards
Mode: High(1,300 Lumens with a run time of 2h 30min, Low(122 Lumens with a run time of 30h), Strobe(1300 Lumens with a run time of 4h 15min).
Beam Distance: 57 meters
Dimensions: Length: 9.6″ Bezel Diameter: 1.9″ Body Diameter: 1.3″
Weight: 17oz

This thing packs a few features that make it stand out from the competition. First of all, being rechargeable is a huge convenience and it saves money. My prior choice for a full-sized flashlight consumed 2 D batteries every few hours of use.
Though, the Bushnell does take about 8 hours to charge from dead.
Secondly, it has a USB port capable of charging small devices. This has come in quite handy a few times being out on an adventure
only to have your phone run low.
Lastly, The electronic lock dial. It’s nice to find comfort knowing it wont accidentally turn on in a bag, though if it did, you’d probably know because it’s so bright.

Made from Aircraft grade aluminum and having the lens set back quite a bit behind the bezel makes it impact resistant. I’ve dropped it a few times in gravel and it barely has a scratch.

The size is pretty similar to a MagLite 2D LED flashlight that I used prior.

The Beam on the Bushnell is much wider and brighter than the MagLite. However, you’re unable to focus the beam. It’s bright enough that this hasn’t been any inconvenience.

In conclusion, this flashlight is definitely worth the price. If you’re considering a purchase, check out the Bushnell Pro 1300L on amazon. Just follow the link below: